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Bugatti Veyron EB16.4 (0 Comments)

Bugatti Veyron EB16.4


This summer I've been to the Cote d'Azur in France. A visit to Monaco is ofcourse mandatory. I hoped to spot the Bugatti Veyron near the casino, but there were only ferrari's, porsches & lambourghini's (sooo common in Moncao). Until, we took the wrong level in the parking garage below the casino where my car was parked. A private parking arose with the Bugatti Veyron EB16.4, as well as two Rolce Royces, a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Jaguar E-type, Aston Martin DB5 (featured in old Bond movies), a Bently and a Lambourghini Gallardo. It made my day even better than it already was. [EXIF]


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